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250                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                  CHAP, xvi
side. Texier's drawings are unfortunately very Inaccurate^ so that little trust can be placed in any of them. In addition to the plan of the church an elevation is given, and two sketches covered with indications of elaborate decoration^ but evidently quite Imaginary. The chapel on the north side is noticed by no other writer, and was probably added by Texler for the sake of symmetry. That on' the south side, as shown by him, differs in some respects from Salzenberg. The only thing certain is that a side chapel did exist here.
This church presents a good example of the greater interest taken during the later Byzantine period in the external appearance of a church. To the exterior of the walls and the apses some decoration is now applied. The dome is raised on a polygonal drum3 with shafts at its angles, and an arched cornice over its windows ; the roof gains more diversity of form and elevation by the multiplication of domes5 by the protrusion of the vaults of the cross arms and of the apses, thus making the outward garbs so to speakj of the building correspond more closely to the figure and proportions of its inner body.. In all this we have not yet reached the animation and grace of a Gothic cathedral^ nor the stateliness• that crowns an imperial mosque; but there is, at all events5 a decided advance towards a fuller expression of artistic feeling. (See Plates LXXIV.? LXXV.)